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5 – Who’s Who

Some of the people who have been involved with Un-convention so far (click names for Biogs): 

Vic McGlynn (Radio DJ)                               Nick Fitzsimons (Penny Distribution)

Peter Hook (New Order)                               Liam Frost

Michael Cassidy (iThinkMusic)                  Jo Good (MTV / Xfm)

Stef Lewandowski (Type Records)            Steve Lawson

Amran Ellahi (Aa’shiq al-Rasul)                  Ashley Beedle

Chas Smash (Madness)                                    Lil’ Fee (The Whip)

Howard Mills (Humble Soul)                         Tim Perry (The Windmill)

Jay Taylor (The Ruby Lounge)                     Anna Moulson (Melting Vinyl)

Rhys Mwyn (Anhrefn Records)                    Tom Beardshaw (Native HQ)

Olivia Chapman (Bloom Festival / AIF)    Martin Atkins (Tour:Smart)

John Empson (Emperor Management)     Richard Hoare (Clintons)

Mike McNally (McNally Consulting)           Rich Dale (Escape Act)

Andrew Dubber (New Music Strategies)    Andy Salmon (Sacred Trinity)

Mark Brown (Mark Brown Studios)              Ruth Daniel (Fat Northerner)

John Robb (Goldblade)                                     Mark Meharry (Music Glue)

Al Farquhar (Modern Art)                               Howard Monk (The Local)

Crispin Parry (British Underground / Circuit Live)      Youth

Ben Whitehouse (Cake Goblin)                      Abigail Seabrook (Lady Georgianna)

Simon Aldridge (BMI)                                      Caroline P Churchill aka Caro Snatch

John Smith                                                           Aniff Akinola

Saul Galpern (Nude Records)                       Ed Smith (MCPS)

Martin Elbourne (Glastonbury)                  Pete Jobson (I Am Kloot)

Freddie Fellowes (Secret Garden Party / AIF)

Eleanor Brody (BeeLegal)                            Tim Turan

Keith Harris (Keith Harris Music Ltd / MusicTank Chairman / PPL Director) 

Jay Taylor (The Ruby Lounge)                              Michael Cassidy (I Think Music)

Dan Parrot (Channel M)                                        Emily Dennison (Photographer)

Chris Long (BBC Manchester)                               Nathan Sudders (The Whip)

Howard Monk (The Local)                                     Gareth Main (Bearded Magazine)

Dave Cooper (In House Press)                             Huw Stephens (Radio 1)

Jayne Compton (Switchflicker / Club Brenda)      Clare Edwards (Gigbeth)

Luke Bainbridge (Observer Music Monthly)          Rudi Kidd (Gray and Co)

Ian Chamings (Higher House Productions)          John Cullen (Lawyer)

Michael Fuller (AIM)                                              Adam Goodyer (Concert Live)

Stewart Parsons (Get It Loud In Libraries)             Lucinda Perkoff (CODA)

Matt Johnson (Club Fandango / XFM X-posure / Live Nation / Sparkle Street

Caroline Elleray (Universal Music)                    Andy McLoughlin (Soundmob)

Karen McBride (Photographer)                             Chris Stevenson (Common)

Duncan Sime (Red Deer Club)           Andy Salmon (Sacred Trinity Church)        

Laura Kennedy (Piccadilly Records)                    Stephen Bass (Moshi Moshi)

Dan Thomas (Fat Northerner Records / Manchester Mastering House)

Mark Carlin (Sounds from the Other City / Islington Mill)

The Manchester College                                            Mark Gardener

Ronan Munro (Nightshift)                      Scott Cridland-Smith (Oxford Inspires)

Hamish MacBain (Reviews Editor, NME)         Richard Chamberlain

Pat Fulgoni (Chocolate Fireguard / Kava Kava / Yorkshire Music)

Chris Healings (Hybrid)                                           Carl Morris (Sleeveface)

John Brainlove (Brainlove Records / Charm Factory PR)

John Rostron (Swn / My Kung Fu)                     Robin Benson (Tidy Like)

Stephen Ackroyd (This is Fake DIY)                 Gill Taylor (Artist Manager)

Lisa Matthews (Welsh Music Foundation)      Tom Robinson (BBC Radio 6)

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