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3 – Videos ’09

Videos from Un-convention Salford ’09

Martin Atkins at Un-convention

Un-convention Post-mortem by Andrew Dubber

Cool People at Un-convention from Andrew Dubber

Andrew Dubber and Jez Collins (Interactive Cultures) introduce the ‘Music as Culture’ debate at Un-convention Salford – June 5th 2009, from Lopend Vuur.

Also, check out Steve Lawsons live blog of the discussion.

Martin Atkins’ Top 5 Tips for Independent Artists from Andrew Dubber

And some priceless advice from Martin:

1) You need fans before you need the guy that is the laywer for The Eagles

2) Build momentum, before you start thinking about business structures

3) Keep your day job while you play and build a fan base. Keep going untill you get fired

4) If you can sustain you can succeed. You will need to focus and make choices. When you bet on everything it will blow up in your face

5)The moment you have the leverage to get the deal you think you wanted, you don’t need the deal any more

6) There simply is NO ONE WAY to ‘monetize’ making music. There are a million different ways. Find the way that suits you

7) I feel like it’s 1977 all over again: it’s all about creativity once more. Get creative, be original

Courtesty of lopendvuur.nl

Vijay Nair at Un-convention Salford ’09

Olivia Chapman from the Bloom Festival at Un-convention

Martin Atkins interviewed by Nick Watt @ citizensound

Rich DaleEscape Act interviewed by Nick Waqtt @ citizensound

Fangs playing at Un-convention Salford (from Salford Online)

Saul Galpern, Nude Records, at Un-convention 2009

Freddie Fellows, Secret Garden Party, at Un-convention 2009


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Beautiful. I’m loving the sentiments and the unconventional wisdom pouring from the Unconvention pages.

Unconvention Leeds??? Who is up for that?

Comment by thehuxcapacitor

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