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Justin Beck – Sanctioned Records and Media by Fat Northerner
September 23, 2008, 8:47 pm
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Justin asked me to post this…

I think you are doing an important event. My name is Justin Beck and I’m very happy you included me in your invitations list. I am the owner of Sanctioned Records and Media. We are a “micro” label, almost only mp3’s and are based in the Northern California Bay Area. I was a signed artist on Silent Records during the “ambient techno” craze of the early-mid 90’s. We deal in “electronica”, bhangra and other beat-centered or art-centered underground styles.
Here are the issues facing our label and our musicians/artists:

1. Getting reviews and increasing our iTunes sales are a challenge. Currently iTunes is the best outlet for us as we can have a product available around the world in days. Royalties come back to us regularly. Our label could be considered a success but it is success on a very small scale.

2. Gaining acceptance and enthusiam for “micro” labels or “net” labels..or whatever..labels that pretty much live on mp3 sales alone. We think this is a “greener” option for product release.

I hope I get to hear about the discussions taking place. I also will give Manchester credit for accepting American Acid House so quickly when I don’t think at this point most Americans even know what that is.

Justin Beck
Sanctioned Records and Media