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6 – About Un-convention












“This is a shift in focus that is going to allow a new group of people to be able to understand how the music industry works. There needs to be more conferences like this in more places” 

Michael Cassidy, I Think Music

Un-convention is a new music industry event.


It’s about being independent.


It’s about facing up to the current changing music scene and looking for innovative and creative solutions.


It’s about discussion, debate and most of all – meeting new people with different perspectives and sharing knowledge, experience and contacts.









Un-convention aims to be interactive and inspirational. It will begin with participants contributing to the online blog with their questions and ideas for the panels. The event will be organic and will be led by the participants as much as  the panel guests.


Un-convention brings together some of the most exciting voices in the music industry.


Un-convention is organised by a collective of DIY and independent labels, promoters and bands for people in similar roles and organisations.





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