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…..iv Bands as Enterprise

Bands As Enterprise – Do It Together


12 noon- 1.30pm

ModeratorAl Farquhar
PanelistsMartin Atkins (Tour:Smart), Vic McGlynn (livefrommanchester.com), John Empson (Emperor Management), Richard Hoare (Clintons), Rich Dale (Escape Act), Saul Galpern (Nude Records), Eleanor Brody (BeeLegal)

With a constantly evolving music industry and the role of the traditional record label dramatically changing, how can bands monetise their music.

With record deals less frequently offered and decreasing advances on the table when they are, how can unknown bands develop and build an infrastructure around themselves to increase their profile in an ever competitive market place.

Is there the place for bands to give up the day job and make a basic living from their music? What new models are bands using to develop strategies for themselves?

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We’re a prog-rock Manchester band interested in doing gigs



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