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June 10, 2009, 6:18 pm
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Anna Moulson – Melting Vinyl

Originally from Shipley, West Yorkshire a Northern import into Brighton, Anna started promoting last century. Starting out with a D.I.Y ethos Anna has moved from rooms above pubs to promoting in cinemas and churches. Bands have ranged from Billy Childish to Sigur Ros to Fuck Buttons.


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[…] Anna Moulson shares that The Great Escape like to try and support local Brighton acts, and that as Brighton has strong, healthy music scene then the Brighton people appreciate and support that fact. The idea of a local scene that fans embrace is an appealing one, but one that has certainly declined in recent decades, with the UK being a small island and people being able to travel greater distances to concerts with relative ease. I’d be keen to see if this may be a resurgence in certain cities and towns, as it certainly seems strong in Chicago, especially coming from my native but saturated London scene. […]

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