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April 22, 2009, 3:38 pm
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Nick Fitsimons – Penny Distribution

Nick Fitzsimons spent 6 years as Marketing Manager for indie labels Real Music & Redgummy Records in the San Francisco Bay Area, covering physical and digital distribution & promotion for the labels as well as handling synch licensing duties. An interest in digital music found him working for Shawn Fanning’s MySpace store-creator, SNOCAP but following that companies sale to Imeem (it wasn’t his fault, honest!), Nick & collegue Kim Helmuth founded Penny Distribution in May 2007. Initially focusing on tour management, physical and digital distribution of both Irish and US artists, Penny has since evolved to focus on online marketing strategy, tour planning and licensing for it’s affiliated artists and labels.

Operating in both Belfast & San Francisco, Penny offers digital distribution to over 97 stores worldwide, and 35 indies stores in California & throughout the UK as well as online promotion and marketing services.

Nick is also a co-organizer of UnConvention Belfast.

Website: www.pennydistribution.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/pennydist
Email: nick@pennydistribution.com

Favourite Cake: When it comes to cake, he’s a Banoffee lover – now whether that’s a pie or a cake, he’s not sure -but he thinks that’s a good thing.


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