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February 3, 2009, 4:29 pm
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The live panel, chaired by Howard Monk, will be made up of:

Jay Taylor (The Ruby Lounge)

Adam Goodyer (Concert Live)

Stewart Parsons (Get It Loud In Libraries)

Lucinda Perkoff (CODA)

Nathan Sudders (The Whip)

Crispin Parry (British Underground)

Mark Carlin (Sounds from the Other City / Islington Mill)

Howard Monk on this year’s live panel…

I’ve been involved in live music for what seems like ages. I feel like I am learning all the time yet if pushed I reckon I could get animated enough to share my stronger feelings with a group. I’ll try and chair this session with as much impartiality as possible. I’m an independent promoter in London, and increasingly out of London. I am not as DIY as I once was although some would argue that I never was. I’ve been in all the positions in after show arguments. As a band member arguing for the agreed amount of money I thought we’d been guaranteed, as a tour manager doing the same, as a promoter being harassed for not having the money that the artist expected, as a promoter being bullied into doing something, by an agent or label or artist, against my better judgement, as a promoter being proved wrong, as a drummer not being paid for countless hours of dedication and watching an artist take credit (and money) for work I have done, as a band member promoting my own shows, as a promoter/band member/agent agreeing and understanding that working hard with your colleagues and counterparts in the organising of a show is the best and only real way to ensure a shows great success.

I’d like to see what the panel thinks of the following:

– Do they think there is a strong independent network of promoters and like-minded venues all over the country?

– Do they think it’s any harder or easier in the last few years to be an indie promoter?

– Who do they consider their competitors to be?

– What’s good for the business at the moment? What’s Bad?

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