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February 3, 2009, 4:27 pm
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Chaired by Howard Mills, the label panel will be made up of:

Andrew Dubber (New Music Strategies)

Stephen Bass (Moshi Moshi)

Michael Cassidy (I Think Music)

John Cullen (Lawyer)

Michael Fuller (AIM)

Dave Cooper (Melodic)

Laura Kennedy (Piccadilly Records)

Tony Morley (Leaf)

With the music industry deep in the throes of the biggest shake-up in its history, and the validity of recorded music itself being challenged (Bill Drummond’s 17), do we think there is a future at all for the record label?

Come to think of it, in the digital age, what exactly is a label? Is there even a place in the music industry of the future for labels as we currently perceive them?

You would be forgiven for thinking that no-one in their right mind, given the current state of the industry, would even dream of starting a new record label? How, then, do we explain the current explosion in independent labels and self-releasing artists?

How do existing labels cope with falling physical sales and adapt to make the most of new opportunities, and what advice would they give to those about to start up a new label?

All these questions and more…

The opening panel of Un-convention will attempt to discuss as much of this as possible in the short time available.

The panel will be chaired by Howard Mills of Humble Soul, who obviously believes that there is a future for labels, because he started one a mere two years ago. He hopes that the collected wisdom of the panellists will provide hope and inspiration to aspiring labels and artists, and perhaps some forward-thinking and practical solutions to the problems faced by the DIY and independent sector.

Un-convention has a blog. One of the main ideas of Un-convention is for people to get involved. Please use the blog to start up the discussion before the event, and continue it afterwards. Send through any burning issues you would like the panel to discuss. Send through your own ideas, answers, inspiration.

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