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February 3, 2009, 4:22 pm
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The Exposure panel will look at the challenges of getting your music heard.

Chaired by Huw Stephens (Radio 1) the Exposure panel consists of:

Dave Cooper (In House Press)

Chris Long (BBC Manchester)

Jayne Compton (Switchflicker / Club Brenda)

Andrew Dubber (New Music Strategies)

Gareth Main (Bearded Magazine)

James Thirkettle (Just Press Play)

Whether you’re a self-releasing band, or a label breaking new talent, the single most important thing you need is people’s ears. This panel looks at how to get exposure in an ever-changing environment.

Technology has dramatically changed not only the ‘how’, but also the ‘who’ of music production and distribution.

People can sell, or give away, what they produce immediately, and without any real overheads.

Making a release, or having a public profile, is easier than ever, and so the battle for exposure is as hard fought as ever.

There are new problems, but also new opportunities, and new solutions

There is more access to fans, reviews, and airplay.

There is more competition for fans, reviews, and airplay.

Not only can you release yourself, you can promote yourself.

So if anyone can put a record out, how do you get peoples attention?

Are we in danger of saturating the market?

Is a record just a tool to gain exposure?

Has ‘a release’ lost its meaning?

Who decides what’s hot and what’s not?

How do people ‘discover’ music?

What exposure has the most value, and what does it cost?

The debate will cover exposure across print, radio, television and online. If you would like to suggest a particular question regarding exposure please feel free to comment below.

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