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5 – Who’s Who 2008 by unconvention
February 3, 2009, 4:31 pm
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People who are involved with this years Un-convention (click names for Biogs): 

Andrew Dubber (New Music Strategies)               Mike McNally (McNally Consulting)

Jay Taylor (The Ruby Lounge)                              Michael Cassidy (I Think Music)

Dan Parrot (Channel M)                                        Emily Dennison (Photographer)

Chris Long (BBC Manchester)                               Nathan Sudders (The Whip)

Howard Monk (The Local)                                     Gareth Main (Bearded Magazine)

Dave Cooper (In House Press)                             Huw Stephens (Radio 1)

Jayne Compton (Switchflicker / Club Brenda)      Clare Edwards (Gigbeth)

Luke Bainbridge (Observer Music Monthly)          Rudi Kidd (Gray and Co)

Ian Chamings (Higher House Productions)          John Cullen (Lawyer)

Michael Fuller (AIM)                                              Adam Goodyer (Concert Live)

Stewart Parsons (Get It Loud In Libraries)             Lucinda Perkoff (CODA)

Matt Johnson (Club Fandango / XFM X-posure / Live Nation / Sparkle Street

Caroline Elleray (Universal Music)                        Mark Brown (Graphic Designer)

Howard Mills (Humble Soul)                                Andy McLoughlin (Soundmob)

Karen McBride (Photographer)                             Chris Stevenson (Common)

Duncan Sime (Red Deer Club)                            Ruth Daniel (Fat Northerner Records)

Laura Kennedy (Piccadilly Records)                    Stephen Bass (Moshi Moshi)

Mark Meharry (Music Glue)                                Andy Salmon (Sacred Trinity Church)

Dan Thomas (Fat Northerner Records / Manchester Mastering House)

Mark Carlin (Sounds from the Other City / Islington Mill)

Crispin Parry (British Underground)                  The Manchester College

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