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Justin Beck – Sanctioned Records and Media by Fat Northerner
September 23, 2008, 8:47 pm
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Justin asked me to post this…

I think you are doing an important event. My name is Justin Beck and I’m very happy you included me in your invitations list. I am the owner of Sanctioned Records and Media. We are a “micro” label, almost only mp3’s and are based in the Northern California Bay Area. I was a signed artist on Silent Records during the “ambient techno” craze of the early-mid 90’s. We deal in “electronica”, bhangra and other beat-centered or art-centered underground styles.
Here are the issues facing our label and our musicians/artists:

1. Getting reviews and increasing our iTunes sales are a challenge. Currently iTunes is the best outlet for us as we can have a product available around the world in days. Royalties come back to us regularly. Our label could be considered a success but it is success on a very small scale.

2. Gaining acceptance and enthusiam for “micro” labels or “net” labels..or whatever..labels that pretty much live on mp3 sales alone. We think this is a “greener” option for product release.

I hope I get to hear about the discussions taking place. I also will give Manchester credit for accepting American Acid House so quickly when I don’t think at this point most Americans even know what that is.

Justin Beck
Sanctioned Records and Media


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That’s a really good point about internet labels being “greener”, it had never really occurred to me as a benefit of the technological age, but once you start to think about it, less plastic, less ink, less petrol to move it all around, it’s a fairly significant development. If other forms of digitized media (DVD’s, Computer Games) follow suit when band widths allow, then the effect is even greater. Granted it puts those at the physical retail end of things in a difficult position, but unfortunately that seems inevitable.

Comment by jaytee11

I love the ol’ record store but I thought low manufacturing costs of digital make for greener product..but I still love going to the record store.

Comment by JB

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