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ABOUT KAREN MCBRIDE by unconvention
September 14, 2008, 4:52 pm
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Karen McBride – Photographer

Karen McBride has a long-standing love affair with Rock’n’Roll that began when she first witnessed Elvis on TV as a child. She prides herself on paying as much attention to unsigned bands as she does undertaking tour photography with the likes of the Scissor Sisters, Robbie Williams or shooting bands such as The Ting Tings and Alec Empire.

Well known for her iconic black and white images, she’s a well-respected practitioner of her craft and has the ability to step back and look for those alternative angles rather than taking the more obvious easy shots.

“I’ve been constantly surprised and impressed by the energy and vibrancy that she captures. From stadium rock to toilet venues, her shots speak not only of the reality of the visuals, but also somehow give a glimpse into the riotous sound, the spilt beer smells and the feel of the hot bodies. If every gig was actually as good as she makes them look, I’d be out every night” Chris Long, BBC

Website: www.karenmcbride.com

Favourite pie: Homemade Apple Pie


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