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ABOUT ANDY SALMON by unconvention
September 14, 2008, 5:27 pm
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Andy Salmon – Sacred Trinity Church

Andy Salmon has been at Sacred Trinity (and St Philip’s, which is just up the road) for just over 4 years. Andy loves all the variety of inner city ministry and has been a vicar in Salford for many years. He is also a keen music fan and is proud to be the vicar of the parish in which the current mercury prize winning album was recorded. Andy sees real connections between spirituality and art. He is also very happy serving behind the bar at gigs. However he tries to keep a balance with the main part of his job which is vicaring in Salford.

Sacred Trinity is keen to be rooted in it’s community offering hospitality, spirituality and community to all. It is proud to be in the City of Salford but is also pleased to be right next to Manchester City centre. For some years now various different groups have found a home at Trinity including a Goth night and various art events. Trinity has also, probably since it’s founding in 1635, hosted occasional concerts but mainly classical ones. The Sounds From The Other City Festival has been the catalyst to more regular and musically varied concerts. We’re really pleased to allow our lovely building to be used as a music venue and enjoy the interaction of art and spirituality and place.

We are a fairly normal church on Sunday mornings but also try to be creative in what we do. We are also developing plans for our building that could further develop what we do. If we get the plans right and get the funding secured we’ll be able to host a wider variety of arts events, have more meeting room, be able to offer better hospitality and be open more as a place of quiet and prayer.

Website: http://www.salfordchurch.org

Contact: rev.andy@btinternet.com


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