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September 9, 2008, 9:42 pm
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Christopher Stevenson – Common

Chris Stevenson suffered what I think they’re calling a quarter life  
crisis in 2002 and quit the graphic design industry for a bar-tending  
position on Deansgate Locks. The next 12 months were spent not only  
receiving a crash course in business management and the service  
industry, but also becoming friends with the colleague that was to  
become his business partner and, between them, talking about opening  
there own little place that would live up to all the romantic ideals  
of those little independent bars that act as creative community hubs  
in trendy cities across Europe. With no money and and only a jam jar  
of dreams they decided to take their ideas and see how far they could  
get before someone said no. No-one said no and they opened at the  
beginning of 2005 (well some people said no but there always seemed to  
be a couple more people to ask instead). For no particular reason they  
called it Common.

In the scarily close to four years Common has been open it has not  
only been a financial success (ie. it’s still open) but has been so  
despite not necessarily following industry convention, nor has that  
success come from or lead to any sort of compromise in creative  
direction. As with many of the panellists at Un-Convention Chris hopes  
to help demonstrate what can be achieved with enough persistence and  
graft (and it doesn’t stop being hard work either), and prove that  
doing your own thing in your own way and also being able to pay the  
bills don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Some people also think  
Common’s a nice place to have a drink.

In his spare time Chris enjoys spending too much money on records,  
ranting about things and talking about himself in the third person.  
He’s also older than he looks.

Contact: chris@aplacecalledcommon.co.uk
Website: www.aplacecalledcommon.co.uk
Favourite pie: Grandma’s Lemon Meringue Pie
Pie-related rant : “Don’t be lazy: make your own pastry!”


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