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ABOUT HOWARD MILLS by unconvention
September 8, 2008, 4:13 pm
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Howard Mills – Humble Soul

Howard bought his first record aged eight; he walked into the local Woolworths and parted with 49p for “Tiger Feet” by Mud. Crazy though it may seem, this started a love affair with the whole business of recorded music, and he has trodden a path through a good few aspects of that business over the (many) years that followed, mostly DIY on the periphery of the recognised industry. This has included playing, writing, recording, live engineering, designing, booking, promoting, managing and running a label, Humble Soul, which is what he currently spends most of his waking hours doing, alongside label co-founder Pete Fillery. Fundamentally, though, Howard remains as excited and inspired by new music as he ever has been, and can’t envisage a time when that will ever change even though, to his great disappointment, he can no longer buy 7″ singles in Woolies.

Favourite Pie: Homemade spanakopita, but can also survive a whole festival on nothing but Pieminister’s Heidi Pie with mash and gravy.

Favourite Cake: Lemon cheesecake, er, and carrot cake, oh, and my mum’s chocolate cake, and the ridiculously rich home made chocolate cake I once had at Cafe Oto…


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