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August 12, 2008, 11:06 am
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Dave Cooper – In House Press And Melodic

In House Press

In House Press began in summer 2000 after the Twisted Nerve and Grand Central record labels persuaded me to represent their artists to national press. They wanted a press company in Manchester near to them, rather than one in London which is just about where all of the other national press companies are.

Things got off to a great start thanks to one being the coolest new indie / leftfield label in the country (TN) and the other the coolest dance label. A couple of years after we’d begun along came a label from Liverpool called Deltasonic which we represnted for a number of years and included artists like The Coral and The Zutons.

Over the next few years the company grew from just one person to 3 and a half of us (one part time) now. We love to represent bands and labels based in the north of the UK wherever possible, but nowadays much of our roster is spread all of over the place from Brighton (The Go! Team) to The Black Angels (Austin, Texas). 

Nowadays we mainly represent artists on true independent labels like Asthmatic Kitty, ATP Carpark,  Full Time Hobby, Illegal Art, Light In The Attic, Memphis Industries, Stones Throw and Sub Pop to name a few.


Melodic is a Manchester-based independent record label having just released its 50th record, the debut single by Arms, a Brooklyn-based singer songwriter. It’s run by me, David Cooper. Our first release was the debut EP from Pedro back in 1999. Other artists on the label include L Pierre, Baikonour, Topo Gigio, Department Of Eagles , The Isles, Outputmessage, Working For A Nuclear Free City, Harrisons, Arms and Windmill. We’ve also released tracks and records by The Earlies, Micah P Hinson, the Nine Black Alps, Dungen, Minotaur Shock, The Longcut and Psapp.

I got into the music industry be being in a band, then worked in a record shop and got to know the ins and outs really from doing that until a friend set up a regional PR company called Pomona. As I was working part-time in a chocolate factory putting the walnuts on Walnut Whips, the offer was too good to refuse. I started working with them in 1994 and we soon grew to a staff of 7 people before I left in 2000 to set up my own national music PR company.

Our best-selling artist album on Melodic was Lucky Pierre’s ‘Hypnogogia’ which has sold around 7,500 copies. We’ve also released three compilation albums in the last three years, which we use as a taster of Melodic artist’s forthcoming tracks and also a showcase from some of our favourite demos that we’ve received.

Critics (Jockey Slut, Muzik magazine, DJ) regard the label as one of the best new labels in the UK and fans of the range from John Peel (RIP), Steve Lamacq, Gilles Peterson and Mary Ann Hobbs at Radio 1 to Andrew Wetherall (Two Lone Swordsmen etc.)

Website: http://www.melodic.co.uk

Favourite Pie: My favourite pie is a Waites bilberry pie.


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