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August 5, 2008, 11:32 am
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Dan Parrot – Senior Music Producer, Channel M

Dan Parrott is Senior Music Producer at the Guardian-owned Channel M Television. Originally joining as a cameraman in 2004, Dan recognised the potential for a Manchester-based television station reflecting the local music-scene. He subsequently pitched and won a commission to launch ‘Channel M Music’ in 2006. Dan has since produced over 400 hours of studio and location based music programming, winning support from both local and national music communities. With demos arriving by the truckload everyday, slots on Channel M’s music shows are fiercely contested and now a regular port of call for all major record labels looking to break new bands. Responsible for numerous television debuts including The Enemy, Amy McDonald and The Ting Tings, Channel M Music has been recognised by the Royal Television Society and compared to Granada Television in its 70’s heyday.

Contact: music@channelm.co.uk
Website: www.channelm.co.uk/music
Favourite Pie:  I’m partial to a Steak and Kidney pudding, think that counts as a pie.


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